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Spike in Web Traffic

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Linear Clinical Research
COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement

The launch of Linear Clinical Research’s COVID-19 vaccine trial was a huge media event, resulting in national and international exposure, huge growth in web traffic and social media engagement, as well as thousands of people lining up to take part in the study.  

It was pretty much our biggest day in the office. The widespread media coverage made Linear Clinical Research an instant household name.

We’re glad to report Linear’s standing in the clinical research industry significantly grew, which has seen stronger connections with government and business partners. 

Media Strategy

156 pieces of publicity don’t materialise without a well thought out strategy.

Executed over three days, it featured pre-pitching to key media, a media conference, opportunities for live TV crosses, phone interviews and an online web cast.

A quick snap shot of day 1 results include:

  • A live cross to Sunrise
  • A live cross to Ch 9 news
  • A live cross to ABC 24 TV news
  • A live cross to Ch 10 Studio 10
  • The front page of the West Australian newspaper
  • Top story on thewest.com.au
  • Leading story on Ch 7, Ch 9 and Ch 10 evening news bulletins
  • A story on The Project
  • Nationally syndicated Ch 7 news story appearing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth
  • Syndication by Australian Associated Press
  • Regional newspaper syndication around the country