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Skin Elements Ltd
Invisi Shield Organics Ecommerce

We have worked with Skin Elements to create an all encompassing marketing solution that covers Ecommerce, PR, Social Media and Issues Management.

Seeing an opportunity in the market for organic hand sanitisers we created a new landing page for Skin Element’s product – Invisi Shield Organics. This landing page is content and SEO rich – delivering a user friendly experience with graphics, video and text. Using our content expertise we were able to create a competitive landing page to spearhead Skin Elements sales efforts.

In support of the landing page and Invisi Shield Organics product we landed Skin Elements in various media outlets including: Perth Now, 6PR, The Sunday Times, The West Australian and Triple M Great Southern. We also created and optimised social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Because we were involved at all levels of Skin Elements marketing efforts we were successfully able to create a cohesive and consistent digital identity for their new product.

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